Re: Tolkien wanta-be has created entirely new language as a base for a sci-f- novel and wants to map these new characters to keyboard.

Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 17:46:24 EST

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    On 13/03/2003 20:30:29 "Ruddy, James" wrote:

    >Is there a word processor or text editor out there that will allow me to
    >draw my own alphabet and then allow me to map these new characters to my
    >keyboard? Can these new characters be entered, even graphically, into a
    >Server database (my new dictionary!), in such a way that they can be
    >out to a file?

    Not April 1 yet, so I guess you are really wanting an answer, eh?

    Why all graphical? Find yourself a font building tool -- if you don't care
    too much about quality there are some cheap/free ones. Put the shapes for
    your chars in Unicode's Private Use Area (or, essentially the same, make
    it a symbol font.) Finally get yourself Keyman ( and
    build yourself a keyboard layout, and type to your heart's content --
    using Notepad, WordPad, Word, or whatever you want...


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