Re: U+00D0, U+01b7 -- variants or distinct chars?

From: Pim Blokland (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 05:25:48 EST

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    Peter Constable schreef:

    > use, though there is some potential motivation: the need to
    provide a
    > contrast between capitals for 00f0 and 0256 in a single
    language -- I

    If I may chime in, I agree on the need to distinguish letters like
    these visually. It doesn't have to be in one language; any occasion
    on which those two characters appear on the same page will do. There
    is no need to have two different letters look identical.
    However, I don't believe in creating another codepoint. It's up to
    the font designers to make sure these characters are sufficiently
    different to avoid confusion.

    On the other hand, it has been done! There are occasions on which
    new codepoints were created for characters that were basically glyph
    variants. The greek letter koppa springs to mind: there are two
    glyph variants for this letter, and when it turned out font
    designers weren't sure how it should look, new codepoints were
    introduced for the "archaic" koppa, in order to show both variants
    and avoid confusion.

    Pim Blokland

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