RE: Re. and Rs. currency sign

From: Andy White (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 17:45:43 EST

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    I think that Lateef had a good question. If it can be shown that the Re
    sign is often depicted as a single ligature glyph, then I would say,
    yes, it is a candidate for inclusion as a separate currency sign.


    Kenneth Whistler said:
    > Lateef Sagar Shaikh asked:
    > > For Rupees Rs. sign is used, and for Rupee Re. sign is
    > > used, where as in Unicode only onle code point is
    > > present for Rs. Shouldn't there be a separate place
    > > for Re. as well?
    > No. Rather than using U+20A8 RUPEE SIGN, ordinary typographic
    > practice would just be to use "Rs" or "Rs." for rupees and
    > "Re" or "Re." for rupee. As in "Rs 9.60 lakhs" and so on.
    > There are a number of examples where currency signs are just
    > abbreviations using ordinary letters. "DM" was widely used
    > for Deutschmarks, "dkr" for Danish kroner, and so on before
    > the switch to euros, for example.
    > --Ken

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