RE: ANSI requires licence fees to use ISO language and country code?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2003 - 19:36:23 EST

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    At 12:15 PM 3/21/03 -0800, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >Let's try this one on for size:
    >However, if you load the list of ISO/IEC 10646 character codes in a commercial
    >product, thus giving an added value to your product, we consider it normal
    >that ISO asks for the payment of a royalty fee.

    I assume that this is nothing more than an ill-expressed attempt to cover the
    situation where someone is trying to sell a commercial publication
    repeating the
    free information ISO provides.

    In other words, I can understand that ISO (or ANSI) would not like to allow
    people to charge for the publication of information since that's ISO's

    However, it would be good to get confirmation of this interpretation (and
    to get
    ISO to update their language). It's unacceptable to have this loose wording
    impede the use of this kind of standard.

    If there really is an attempt to license the use (= implementation) of the
    not just its republication, then the appropriate response might be to look for


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