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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 12:36:49 EST

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    > >Perhaps, though, it could be argued that this should be encoded as
    > >a distinct (non-decomposible) digraph character, comparable to
    > Not without seeing evidence of how it's used, Peter.

    Agreed. I wasn't suggesting otherwise.

    > >One might represent the tresillo as U+025B LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN E
    > >or its uppercase counterpart U+0190, though that's probably not a
    > >good choice as the tresillo is caseless.
    > Is it?

    Is it caseless? Yes.

    > What does it mean?

    What phoneme was it used to represent, I do not know.

    > >Perhaps there are historiographers of Mayan linguistics that want to
    > >encode historic texts, or perhaps some Mayanists that, on occasion,
    > >want to be able to quote from these historic texts.
    > As I say, one would like to see critical editions of those texts to
    > see what people are doing.

    Of course. I was not saying I think any of these things should be encoded
    yet, except perhaps the cuatrillo, which I have seen in relatively recent
    linguistics publications.

    - Peter

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