Re: Characters for Cakchiquel

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 18:46:48 EST

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    Stefan asked:

    > Michael Everson wrote:
    > > Shavian has graduated to encoded status, and Tengwar and Cirth will
    > > likely also do so.
    > Really? I thought that it would not until Unicode 4.0 is published.

    The Unicode 4.0 release is imminent -- we are anticipating
    mid-April for finalization of the data files and formal
    announcement of the version.

    The publication of the book will take a little longer -- September,

    But Shavian is already standardized -- neither WG2 nor the
    UTC can change it now. It is merely waiting on the publication train.

    As for Tengwar and Cirth -- well, those are, of course, still
    open issues. Neither committee has made any decisions on
    those yet.


    > Stefan

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