Re: newbie 18030 font question

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 19:54:28 EST

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    We add GB18030 support into Mozilla and also add 32 bit cmap support on
    windows into Mozilla about a year ago. The Linux and Mac 32-bit cmap
    support is a little bit behind

    I think we first have GB18030 encoding support in Netscape in Netscape 6.2
    You should be able to see whatever the characters in Netscape 7 if your
    system have a font which contains the glyph

    Try the following test page

    It is coded according to the hard copy of GB18030 spec. (and I also add
    more pages which beyond the GB18030 spec to test the > BMP part) wrote:

    >Hello, all.
    >I'm new to 18030 and was hoping that someone could verify this.
    >We're implementing a browser-delivered database application and would
    >like to support 18030.
    >One fairly straightforward way of implementing this
    >seems to be to accept 18030 at the browser
    >and then transcode to Unicode when the
    >data first reaches the server.
    >When sending data back to the browser,
    >we'd transcode back to 18030.
    >OK so far, right?
    >Unicode fonts don't support all characters in 18030, correct?
    >Let's assume our client makes use of 18030 characters not in unicode fonts.
    >What font could we use for a 3rd party reporting tool
    >that read data straight from the unicode db, bypassing our transcoding layer?
    >Thanks you for your time; I've learned a lot reading through
    >the archives of this maillist.
    >--Erik Ostermueller

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