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Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 06:36:10 EST

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    Doug Ewell scripsit:

    > > Tags constructed wholly from the codes that are assigned
    > > interpretations by this chapter do not need to be registered with
    > > IANA before use.
    > Does the "-ny" subtag fail this criterion because RFC 3066 does not
    > explicitly assign the ISO 3166-2 interpretation?

    Yes. The only forms that work even when unregistered are <aa>, <aaa>,
    <aa>-<bb>, <aaa>-<bb>, and private-use forms beginning with "x-", where
    <aa> is an ISO 639-1 code, <aaa> is an ISO 639-2 code for a language
    that doesn't have an ISO 639-1 code, and <bb> is an ISO 3166-1 code.

    Unregistered codes are only safe if their interpretation is universally
    agreed on, which means that their forms must be specified in the RFC.

    > I'll mail it, or maybe repost it, after I finish applying a nice, THICK
    > coating. I'm thinking about one of those expired-shareware message
    > boxes where the OK button is disabled for the first five seconds.

    Good idea.

    > But I'd like to get this third-subtag question resolved first.

    ObPedantic: In the technical language of the RFC, it's the second subtag:
    foo-bar-baz has foo as the primary tag, bar as the first subtag, and
    baz as the second subtag.

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