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Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 11:56:55 EST

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    At 05:03 AM 4/4/2003, John Cowan wrote:

    >There are, strictly speaking (some typographer correct me please if I am
    >wrong), no italic sans serif fonts, but only slanted sans serif fonts.

    You're wrong. There are now plenty of true italic (i.e. cursive) sans serif
    fonts; it has been a couple of decades at least since obliqued roman went
    out of style for sans serif typefaces. Type designers at first introduced
    cursive forms into sans serif type cautiously (see, for example Hans Eduard
    Meier's Syntax italic, which is humanist but with a two-storey a and other
    features from the roman), but now it is typical to see sans serif italics
    completely implementing the range of letterforms normal to cursive italics.
    See, for some good examples


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