Re: UNICODE-non-clashing ASCII character needed

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 07:20:47 EDT

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    Abdij Bhat scripsit:

    > For most of the communication we translate the UNICODE bytes into a BYTE
    > stream and push it into the Camera for storage (this is the way it has to
    > be). This works for most of the features.

    Since you are dealing with a byte-oriented device, you should be using the
    UTF-8 encoding, which guarantees that bytes in the range 00-7F are used
    only to represent ASCII characters. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is that
    many Unicode characters (basically those from U+0800 up) will require
    three bytes rather than just two. I don't know how seriously this will
    impact your markets.

    > What we want to know
    > is, IS there a ASCII BYTE (SINGLE BYTE) that does not correspond to any of
    > the UNICODE BYTE set (all languages included) (FIRST or SECOND). Is there
    > some kind of a reservation on BYTE, say for example, FF which will not be
    > used by the UNICODE BYTE character set?

    No, there definitely isn't. In the 2-byte representation, every possible
    byte is used at some point or another.

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