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Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 11:41:24 EDT

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    At 11:11 -0400 2003-04-08, Eric Rasmussen wrote:
    >On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 03:59 AM, Michael Everson wrote:
    >>>There is a serious problem with the use of translations for the
    >>>names. Anyone who has looked at more than one original
    >>>translation of the text knows why.
    >>That's illuminating.
    >Thank you (Michael and Ken) for the pointer to document 2363, which
    >I see now is what I should have asked for in the first place, before
    >making further comments. Michael, I find your sarcasm above to be
    >unhelpful. Okay, I was trying to be a bit too clever...

    Because I find sarcasm a good remedy for too much cleverness? :-)

    >I still think it was a mistake to use translations for the names,
    >because they perpetuate the dubious neo-Confucian assumption that
    >the names were meant to embody a core meaning for each hexagram.

    That may be, but characters have to have names, and we used what was
    available rather than making something up.

    >>Character names once assigned cannot be changed. You'll just have
    >>to get over it.
    >It is helpful to know that character names cannot be changed, thank you!

    It's in the FAQ. Some of us old-timers forget to be forgiving about
    people who don't read the FAQ. :-) But unhelpful? I did give you the
    answer you needed....

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