From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 10:02:45 EDT

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    > I'd also like to add that the UDC areas in legacy CJK encodings do not
    > have to be (and have not been) restricted to CJK or East Asian use
    > (although the results are not always pretty, e.g., full-width monspaced
    > Latin text); I recall there used to be an implementation of Ethiopic (now
    > obsolete for a number of years) that was placed in the UDC regions of
    > Shift-JIS.

    I believe that would be work of my own from early 1995. Obsoleted later once
    Ethiopic was in Unicode 3.0 and as web browsers begun to support Unicode.
    Until then it was convenient to piggy-back off of Shift-JIS. The availability
    of the UDC region allowed some work to progress that couldn't have otherwise.
    I'm still very appreciative that the designers of Shift-JIS had the good
    foresight to provide a UDC region, and that Unicode likewise has a private
    use region.

    Thanks Shift-JIS!


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