Win 98 Crash - Win 2000 Working?

From: Abdij Bhat (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 11:42:13 EDT

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     Lot of thanks in advance for reading this problem. Plenty more if you are
    able to help me out.

    NOTE: I understand that this could be an application specific problem, but
    maybe some of you might have faced this problem before :)

     I have an application that has a common source code base for Win NT/2K/XP
    and Win 95/98/ME. The ASCII version of the application works fine on all the
    afore mentioned OS. But when I convert the project to Unicode the
    application crashes on 95/98/Me OS, but works fine on NT/2K/XP. The MSLU has
    been installed on the Win 95/98/ME machines and the application is linked
    against unicows.lib.
     I have identified the crash to happen during the following sequence of
    operation. I am trying to create a series of property pages and here is what

            CView::CreatePage() (actually a CView Derived object)
                                                    CreateDialogIndirect() -->
    succeeds but sets flag fail!

    The flag m_nFlags is initially set to 16. After the CreateDialogIndirect()
    it is set to 256. ( On success this flag has the value 272 )
    The following condition in the CDialog::CreateDlgIndirect() succeeds (
    actually it should fail :) )
     if ((hWnd != NULL) && !(m_nFlags & WF_CONTINUEMODAL))
            // enters here!! :(


     During successful creation ( on Win 2000 etc) of Property Pages ( that is
    what we are actual creating ) it does not DestroyWindow().

     For your information there are OLE controls in the dialog ( also on dialogs
    preceeding this one ). The first dialog creation succeeds but the second one
    fails. Even if i swap the Dialog Creation sequence the result is the same.
    The first one succeeds, the second one fails.

     I am not able to fix the problem. I have never encountered this problem
    although I have made several other applications Unicode compliant on all
    these platforms. I believe that it is not MSLU/MS problem (but may be. Am i
    missing something??? ). There is something in the application that is
    causing the crash; but i am not able to figure out WHAT?

     If somebody can give me a clue or a hint on this; it would be GREAT.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abdij Bhat
    Kshema Technologies
    Phone:+91 80 860 3600 (Extension 2102)
    Fax: +91 80 860 3372

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