Re: meaning of U+3000?

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 05:35:39 EDT

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    Ostermueller, Erik wrote:

    > What is the 'meaning' of U+3000?
    > The reference shows a little square inscribed with the four letters 'IDSP'.

    You can yourself easily find an answer to this sort of questions:
    * In the Unicode Home Page <> click on "Code Charts";
       or in the Unihan 3.2 Database, click on "Related Links" / "Code Charts
       (PDF Version)".
       - In the Code Charts index <>,
         click on the pertinent range, e. g., "CJK Symbols and Punctuation"
         (some browsers will tell you also the alternate text for the
    range's symbol
         e. g. "Chart starts at 3000").
         · You will see the pertinent section of chapter 14 of the Unicode
           e. g. <>.
           Scroll down beyond the code chart to the list of characters;
           this will at least resolve the acronym igiven in the chart, e. g.,
           3000 [IDSP] IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE
           → 0020 [SP] space
           ≈ <wide> 0020 [SP]
    * Additional information on particular characters may be found in the
       chapter of the Unicode standard. In the Unicode Home Page
       click on "The Unicode Standard" / "Start here"; or in the Unihan 3.2
       click on "Related Links" / "The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0".
       - In "The Unicode Standard"
         click on "The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0".
         · In "The Online Edition of The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0"
           <>, click on the pertinent
           e. g., "East Asian Scripts", then use Adobe Reader's search function
           to find where the character of interest is mentioned.
       - If the character is not mentioned in version 3.0, or if you suspect
         amendmends pertaining to the character, then click on "Versions of
    the Unicode
         Standard", and search the versions beyond 3.0.
       In the particular example, you'll find the IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE mentioned in
       Chapter 10 of version 3.0, but only in passing; and UAX #11, Version 3.2,
       has revised a property of this character.
    * Formal properties of the character can be found in the character database

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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