Re: regular expressions with unicode situation?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 16:01:40 EDT

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    You might take a look at the Unicode website (, in
    particular UTR #18: Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines. If you are
    looking for Unicode-capable regex implementations, I'd suggest looking at
    Perl and ICU.

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    Subject: regular expressions with unicode situation?

    > i'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what the general state of play
    > is at the moment regarding using regular expressions with unicode?
    > i'm not even completely sure if / how the two would fit together
    > completely or successfully? i've used regex in php, which was a version
    > of posix regex, and found it very useful. i'm now doing stuff on a mac
    > - os x (cocoa), and am starting work on an app that will analyses and
    > dissect text and am wondering if i can make use of regular expressions.
    > i want the app to work equally in all languages / character subsets. if
    > regex in general only covers small portions of unicode i don't think
    > it'll be so useful.
    > any general info regarding regex in conjunction with unicode much
    > appreciated. thanks.

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