RE: Unicode Normalization on MS-Windows

From: Rick Cameron (
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 19:29:55 EDT

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    I don't see the problem, either.

    It sounds like you're saying you would create the file using a normalised
    string for the filename, then later try to open the file using an
    un-normalised string. Why would you do that?

    I would have thought that your program would consistently use a normalised
    string, or an un-normalised one, for both creating and opening the file.


    - rick

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    Thanks for your quick response.

    Do you know by any chance that the upcoming Windows 2003/Windows .NET would
    have the capability to handle Unicode normalization?

    To answer your question, basically right now if I write the file name by
    using normalized U+F019 which would be U+795E, I won't be able to find it
    and reopen it any more ...

    --- "Michael (michka) Kaplan" <> wrote:
    > From: "Jane Liu" <>
    > > 1. Why Windows doesn't do normalization,
    > Windows predates normalization.
    > > and is there any ways to ask Windows to do it?
    > Not currently, no.
    > > 2. If Windows never do normalization,
    > Never say never, though. It is hard to say what will happen here, in
    > the future. Though since the input methods that ship with the OS shape
    > the type
    > of text that is produced, it is not going to be common for people
    > to find
    > "multiple ways to skin the cat".
    > > how should I balance this in my
    > > Windows based application since I am using the ICU.
    > Well, see above. You can certainly do the additional processing if you
    > like.
    > > I don't think
    > > simply turn off the normalization process in the ICU would be a
    > good
    > > idea though, however, if I keep to use ICU to normalize
    > everything in
    > > my application, then I will possible run into some troubles when
    > > dealing with the Windows system ...
    > How is that trouble, precisely? Could you explain this a bit more
    > fully?
    > MichKa [MS]

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