RE: [OT] multilingual support in MS products (was Re: Kurdish ghayn)

From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 20:54:03 EDT

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    Yes, please do report it, with exact steps to repro. No point in testing
    the beta if you don't let us know about problems! And also let me know
    details on this and any issues in the future directly (privately, so we
    don't bore everyone here) to make sure someone who understands the bug
    report sees it :-)

    If other people here could try this and send me feedback too that would
    be great. Combining diacritic use is so low for various reasons that we
    do not get any feedback on it from normal channels. (if you don't have
    it, beta is at:

    Bob, you might also check to see if Tools/Options/Complex Scripts/Use
    sequence checking makes a difference. Also I would make sure you try
    with a complex script language enabled just in case that has an effect.

    I can't repro the problem by the way. I type "g" followed by 0323, then
    Alt-x. The dot appears, but with most fonts since they do not have the
    OT tables the dot appears nearly or entirely on top of the descender of
    the "g" so it may appear invisible.


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    >BTW, is anyone on this list trying out the beta of Office2003 for
    Windows? If
    >so, have you experimented with the new support for combining

    Yes and yes. For example:

    Word is not without its problems in this regard. In particular, it can
    quite tricky to get Word to correctly render the combining marks.
    as a result of this email I have just confirmed that while Word can be
    convinced to display U+0323 below "g", as I've shown above, such a
    combination cannot be entered from a keyboard. I just set up a Keyman
    keyboard to enter U+0323. It works fine in Notepad, but Word 11 beta 2
    silently ignores the keystroke unless it is after a, e, i, o, u, or y.
    I'll submit it...


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