RE: Unicode Normalization on MS-Windows

From: Rick Cameron (
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 01:40:52 EDT

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    That would, of course, cause problems - but it doesn't sound to me like the
    poser of the question had that in mind. He/she was explicitly using ICU to
    do normalisation, and noticed that the O/S is not doing normalisation, and
    seemed to be saying that this causes a problem _now_.


    - rick

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    > I don't see the problem, either.
    > It sounds like you're saying you would create the file using a
    > normalised string for the filename, then later try to open the file
    > using an un-normalised string. Why would you do that?
    > I would have thought that your program would consistently use a
    > normalised string, or an un-normalised one, for both creating and
    > opening the file.

    Suppose his program consistently used an un-normalised string.

    And then suddently the operating system started to normalise everything it
    got from his program before using it.

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