Re: [OT] multilingual support in MS products (was Re: Kurdish ghayn)

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 21:13:13 EDT

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    Mark Davis wrote:
    > The only concrete thing I have heard is that when titlecasing Dutch, "i" +
    "j" at the start of a
    > word should be titlecased as "I" + "J", not as "I" + "j". For that, one
    would request a change to
    > SpecialCasing.txt in the Unicode Character Database for the next version
    of Unicode. Kent Karlson
    > proposed this some time back; it may be time to revisit it, but we would
    need a proposal for the
    > next UTC.

    It just occurs to me that actually, the expression "titlecase" is quite
    non-i18n-aware. The habit of "titlecasing" i.e. capitalizing first letters
    of each word in a title, is specific to only few languages, e.g. English.
    AFAIK, most languages don't have a special "titlecase", so using that
    expression e.g. for Dutch is actually confusing. :)


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