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Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 12:27:53 EDT

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    Jungshik Shin wrote on 04/25/2003 01:01:02 AM:

    > It seems like a lot of Thai truetype fonts (without GSUB/GPOS tables)
    > for Windows use U+F700 - U+F717 for presentation forms

    Actually, the UPC fonts all use F700..F71D

    > However, I don't believe those codepoints
    > are used in _text/document_ encoding by Windows.

    That's correct.

    > Some 'Thainess' might
    > have been attached to them by some Windows applications (as it turned
    > out to be the case for PUA codepoints mapped from UDC areas of legacy
    > CJK encodings), but I guess/hope not.

    I don't think this has been the case. I believe these have just been
    codepoints used for internal purposes by GDI (and perhaps more recently by
    Uniscribe -- though they are moving away from encoded presentation forms
    for Thai).

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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