Title Case (Was: [OT] multilingual support in MS products

From: Carl W. Brown (cbrown@xnetinc.com)
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 12:57:04 EDT

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    > But SpecialCasing.txt, along with the rest of the UCD,
    > defines how those algorithms should function and what entries the tables
    > should have.
    > Whatever technique Turkish-aware programs currently use to recognize (I
    > and ı) and (İ and i) as case pairs, something similar should be done to
    > Dutch-aware programs so they recognize IJ as an inseparable digraph with
    > special casing behavior. This is *much* better than dragging the IJ and
    > ij compatibility characters out of the closet.

    Special casing deals with upper/lower case transformations not specifically a title case routine. The Turkish and Dutch work because all letters are converted.

    I found title case to be a much more challenging problem. There are problems with Macintosh vs. MacIntosh but the hardest problem I found was the problem of French articles. This takes a syntactical analysis.


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