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From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 12:11:47 EDT

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    On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 wrote:

    > > >I believe these have just been
    > > >codepoints used for internal purposes by GDI
    > > >
    > > And Netscape
    > >
    > <>
    > > and ICU
    > > <>,
    > > and probably FreeType/Gnome...
    > I looked at the Mozilla code. To the extent that I understand C (which,
    > admittedly is only to a limited degree), I see 8-bit values used for
    > presentation forms. For instance, in

      You're right. That code is (at the moment) only for Mozilla-X11core
    (Mozilla that relies on traditional X11 core fonts which
    are now becoming rapidly out of fashion thanks to fontconfig/Xft). For
    Thai rendering, Mozilla-X11core uses X11 core fonts with tis620-2 XLFD.
    tis620-2 font encoding is (the GR side of) ISO-8859-11 + extra characters
    in C1(added in CP874: U+2018,2019,201C,201D?) + presentation forms in C1.
    (the character/glyph repertoire of tis620-2 font encoding is the same as
    non-opentype Thai truetype fonts supported by Uniscribe.)

      Sooner or later, Mozilla-Xft(that uses Xft client side fonts)
    will use U+F700 **internally**(in a very limited scope)
    to render Thai text with (old/non-opentype) Thai fonts
    ( before making a
    transition to Pango(or Graphite) for complex script rendering. There's
    absolutely no semantics attached to U+F700-U+F71? by Mozilla in this


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