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These pages you've made are very useful - thanks for making them available.

If very widely used operating systems or applications make assumptions about PUA codepoints or ranges and this causes particular problems or conflicts many will want to try and avoid using those codepoints for their own purposes as far as possible in order to avoid these conflicts. So, in addition to what you've already documented, what I think would be useful to detail more fully, as it come to light, are what effects this "corporate.use" of the entire BMP PUA actually has on particular code points or ranges.

Where for instance widely used operating systems/applications map CJK EDUC to the PUA - does this mean that these operating systems / applications always treat these characters as having ideographic properties? Or, is it still reasonably safe to use them to, for example, map glyphs for characters from other scripts which may not yet be included in the Unicode Standard?

- Chris

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> > I think we had good discussion on the Private Use Area;
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> Have you taken a look at what I've put together at
> and the related pages (linked from the previous page)
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