Re: Displaying unicode in browser

Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 03:23:35 EDT

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    SRIDHARAN Aravind wrote,

    > e.g, For á the unicode equivalent is \u00e1.
    > And when I display this character on browser
    > what I get is \u00e1instead of á. This sounds strange.

    The slash notation that you are using is for java rather than
    HTML. Browsers need this information to be entered in HTML
    format. This one has an entity name: á

    But, any Unicode character can be entered into HTML source
    using NCR format (Numeric Character Reference), like &# 225;
    (without the space after the # sign)
    as 225 is the decimal number for U+00E1. Newer browsers
    also support hexadecimal NCRs, like &#x 00E1;
    (without the space after the x). (My ISP's NetMail is
    annoyingly converting the NCRs into UTF-8 after they're
    typed. This is supposed to be a plain text message!)

    HTML also supports UTF-8 format, which takes less space
    than NCRs or entity name references.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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