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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 00:44:21 EDT

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    > Seems to display well here. What is the accepted position for the dot
    > over the "b" and "d". Should it go above the stem, or may it be
    > centered above the bowl? Or, is either way correct?

    All the Irish dotted consonants are also available precomposed:

    "An ḃfuil do ċroí ag bualaḋ ó ḟaitíos an ġrá a ṁeall lena ṗóg éada ó
    ṡlí do leasa ṫú?"
    "D'ḟuascail Íosa Úrṁac na hÓiġe Beannaiṫe pór Éava agus Áḋaiṁ."

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