RE: U+006E U+0308 spotted in the wild

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 06:35:18 EDT

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    Antnio Martins-Tuvlkin wrote:
    > Last week I saw on TV (portuguese channel RTP2) a typo in the
    > subtitles of an US movie; a spanish word in the original was
    > kept in the translation, rendered with a n-diaeresis in lieu
    > of a n-tilde.

    In old DOS days, I remember having seen Portuguese written with <> and <>
    in place of <> and <>. That was because DOS code page 437 lacked <> and
    <> and, at low resolutions, dieresis and tilde looked quite similar to each

    My guess is that some misinformed designer of TV titling devices for the
    Portuguese marked assumed that <> was a valid glyph variant for <~>, being
    used to old DOS software, and drawn all tildes in the device's font as <>,
    including the one on <>.

    Then, probably, someone complained about the odd shape of <> and <>, so
    they got fixed. But no one complained loud enough for <>, because that not
    commonly seen in Portuguese, so it remained wrong.

    _ Marco

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