Re: Transcribing old documents into Unicode compatible document files.

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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 18:49:12 EDT

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    >No, I'm sorry, I had misunderstood your intent since it sounded like you
    >were asking for arbitrary extensions of a basic character set. Actually,
    >what might be most helpful would be to identify an extended Latin set and
    >be able to say, "support this in your font and it will be adequate for all
    >these European languages..." or "...all these African languages..." etc.
    >But that takes a bit of work for any sizeable number of languages.

    Of course it requires more work than adding support for one or two
    additional languages, but in the long run it avoids the extra time and
    frustration having to constantly update fonts in response to requests for
    more languages. Supporting a wide range of languages from the outset also
    avoids the user confusion and frustration that often results from having
    multiple versions of the same font in circulation, each with a different
    character set. The character set required to support all of the modern
    European languages that use the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts is now
    well established and documented. To assist font developers designing for
    this character set (including script-specific subsets), I developed a set
    of FontLab support files (encoding, glyph naming, and glyph-to-Unicode
    mapping) last year, which Adam Twardoch makes available with his glyph
    renaming FontLab 'steroid' at

    We're currently beta testing an updated set of glyph-to-Unicode mapping
    files for Unicode 4.0, and these should be available soon.

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