Re: Quest text font now available.

From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 14:43:00 EDT

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    At 10:10 AM 5/6/2003, William Overington wrote:

    >I have now added the Quest text font onto the web.
    >The font hopefully has all of the characters needed for Old English, Middle
    >English, Welsh, Esperanto and Estonian as well as for various other

    Quite apart from the inappropriateness of this announcement to the Unicode
    list (dozens of fonts are released every month, and there is no need for
    any of them to be announced in this forum), or the inappropriateness of
    your design to e.g. typesetting Middle English (or any human language),
    your font contains dozens of glyph outline and table errors. I suggest you
    get your hands on the MS Font Validator* and check your fonts before
    releasing them to the public.

    I used to have a freeware music program, but it didn't make me a composer.

    John Hudson


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