Re: Finite state machines? UTF8: toFold(), normalisation, etc

From: Theodore H. Smith (
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 17:17:25 EDT

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    Hi Markus,

    thanks a lot for showing me this code. It's pretty complex, so I dunno
    exactly how much use I'll be able to make of it. However, who knows, it
    might come to be of use.

    > ICU uses an internal API "UTrie" for storing several data structures.
    > See source/common/utrie.h and utrie.c. Note that this is _internal_
    > because it is not easy to use. The hard part is understanding the
    > "folding function" that you need to provide; we have an RFE to add
    > default folding functions. If you want to use it, then the best is to
    > look at its usage across ICU. The presentations that others pointed to
    > also explain it a bit.

    (In reply to Mark Davis:) The flattened trie using offsets, read in as
    a memory mapped file: That sounds like a good idea. I may go ahead with

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