From: Theodore H. Smith (delete@elfdata.com)
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 08:48:26 EDT

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    Hi people,

    Is there anything like w3schools.com for Unicode?

    While I appreciate, that for an implementor, having a rigidly defined
    document which is thorough and precise on every component, is very
    useful. I found this when I was writing an XML parser/validator.

    I do also find that it really gets in the way when you are just
    beginning, and need more of an overview, and need keywords explained.
    It also doesn't help with Unicode's technical annexes, rather than
    updating the original. I have to view documents from various sources to
    get an idea of just one basic thing.

    I just found the glossary today, that might help me work out what
    Unicode .org means when it uses words like canonical.

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