Re: Discussing fonts (was: Quest text font now available)

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 14:24:25 EDT

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    At 10:42 AM 5/7/2003, Pim Blokland wrote:

    >While I agree that this is not the place to announce the release of
    >new fonts (and unfinished at that - William has announced several
    >different versions of his font already), and I'm also not overly
    >fond of long-windedness, I do wonder about generalized statements
    >such as "this is not the place to discuss fonts".

    I agree completely that a distinction should be made between announcing
    fonts and discussing font technology as it relates to Unicode and as it may
    relate to individual fonts as examples. The former is spam, the latter is
    useful, interesting and on topic.

    John Hudson

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    Vancouver, BC

    As for the technique of trimming the nib,
    Do not be greedy!
    I will not reveal its nuances; I withhold its secrets.
                       - Ibn al-Bawwab, Ra'iyyah

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