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Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 15:42:29 EDT

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    >I think John inappropriately confused creativity and talent, or creativity
    >and innovation (I'll explain below what I mean).

    I should state my own position regarding creativity clearly: the assertion
    that someone is 'expressing his creativity' and that this is somehow a good
    thing in and of itself to be applauded as if we were all kindergarten kids,
    means nothing to me. Someone expresses his creativity? So what? Such claims
    remind me of the Dry Shave comic in which the performance artist stands on
    the street corner vomiting on the shoes of passersby: 'Oh, wait, I'm going
    to express myself again!'

    My father was an artist, art educator and internationally recognised expert
    on children's art; some of the major British and American artists of the
    later 20th century stayed at our homes in Wales and Canada when I was a
    child. My father always insisted that *everyone* had creative potential,
    could be creative and should be encouraged to develop their creativity. But
    the very universality of creativity makes it a valueless currency in and of
    itself. The measure of creativity is not the expression of it but the
    *products* of it. In this respect, creativity is a universal preserequisite
    to talent, application and improvement, but it does not guarantee any of
    these and by itself counts for naught. The child psychologists who maintain
    that a child throwing faeces against the wall are expressing creativity are
    probably correct in this. But so what? The child's expression of creativity
    doesn't make faeces on the wall culturally significant, worthwhile,
    something to be celebrated.

    John Hudson

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