Re: visible glyphs for U+2062 and similar characters

From: Pim Blokland (
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 07:50:22 EDT

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    Jungshik Shin schreef:

    > (1) Is a font to blame for having visible glyphs for U+2062 and
    > similar characters.

    Yes, I think it's up to the font how <U+0061><U+2062><U+0062> is
    That is, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) it is not the operating
    system's concern if U+2062 is displayed as a glyph or not.
    Therefore, U+2062 should only be shown as a very thin space if it
    looks like a very thin space in the font!

    > (2) What's the normative (if there's such a thing) rendering
    > of a sequence with U+2062-like characters?

    Well, since an invisible times is not a joiner, a renderer should
    not treat "ab" and "a times b" as equal. For instance, it can
    display the a at the end of a line and the b at the beginning of the
    next line, if need be.

    Pim Blokland

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