Re: Proposed Update of UTS #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm

Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 22:54:26 EDT

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    Dear Mark,
    Thanks for your mail. I want to know about the prposed update regarding how
    much and what kind of suuport the new (and the old) product is giving to
    I sent 3 mails to Paul of Microsoft regarding their support to Bangla.
    Unfortunately nothing happened.
    One of the major problem for Bangla is that we have to type something from the
    keyboard which is not in the code and save it from the code list. These
    characters are pronounced after the words but typed before the word.
    One solution given by somebody is to change the way of writing-I believe
    OpenType has followed this solution.
    But I think the best solution is to keep peoiple writing in their own way and
    solving by the Uniscribe.

    Looking for a reply.

    Quoting Mark Davis <>:

    > There is a new Proposed Update of UTS #10: Unicode Collation
    > Algorithm, on:
    > The main changes are the following:
    > - Added new Introduction. This covers concepts in Version 3.0, Section
    > 5.17, but is completely reworked. The Scope section has been recast
    > and is now at the end of the introduction.
    > - Changed the version to synchronize with versions of the Unicode
    > Standard, so that the repertoire of characters is the same. This
    > affects the header and C4.
    > - Added explanation of different ways that the Hangul sorting problem
    > can be solved in 7.1.4 Trailing Weights.
    > All significant changes are highlighted, and also summarized in the
    > Modifications section.
    > This document will be reviewed at the Unicode Technical Meeting
    > starting June 10th. If you have any feedback on the proposed update,
    > please submit it by June 2nd. The document describes how to submit any
    > feedback.
    > Note: In the case of the new introduction, we are especially
    > interested in feedback from those who are relatively unfamiliar with
    > the conceptual issues connected with language-sensitive collation.
    > Mark Davis

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