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From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 12:31:09 EDT

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    On Tue, 13 May 2003, Sebastian Hofer wrote:

    > Hi list,
    > sorry for not presenting myself to the list properly. I am a bit in a hurry
    > and browsing the FAQs, etc brought no result. All I need is one thing:
    > What I actually look for is a way to check files about the encoding they are
    > encoded in. Is there a SW that just tells me: This text is encoded in UTF8,
    > ASCII, UCS2 or whatever?

    On Linux there is the command line utility called "file" which will
    certainly segregate ASCII and UTF-8. Although it doesn't go very
    far in detecting other unicode encoding possibilities, I'm sure one could
    combine this with a little bit of Perl to meet your specific needs:

    $> file *
    images: directory
    index.html: HTML document text ASCII text MP3, 56 kBits2, 64 kBits, 48 kHz, Stereo data data ASCII text UTF-8 Unicode text PNG image data, 914 x 676, 2-bit colormap, non-interlaced

    > Thanks!
    > Seb

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