Re: Unicode conformant character encodings and us-ascii

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 19:15:54 EDT

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    Yael Aharon wrote:

    > Does anyone know if all character encodings that conform to the Unicode
    > spec reserve 0x00 - 0x7F to us-ascii characters?
    > If there a spec that require this behavior, which spec is it? Or can anyone
    > give me an example of a conformant character encoding that does not reserve
    > these bytes to us-ascii?

    The only character encoding that conforms to the Unicode spec is Unicode
    itself. There are no others. Unicode *is* Unicode; nothing else is.

    Many different character encodings can be mapped to Unicode by means of
    translation or mapping tables. Not all of them necessarily reserve bytes
    00-7F for anything in particular. Most EBCDIC codepages are a goto example
    -- none of the EBCDIC codepages are equivalent to US-ASCII in the range

    The question is just odd. I think there must be a particular problem
    you're trying to solve... What is the problem?


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