weird UTF-8 encoding in MS Exchange 2000 IM client

From: Eugene Mandel (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 01:22:35 EDT

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    Microsoft Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging client claimes that message body's charset is UTF-8. However, it does not look like UTF-8 I'm familiar with. Every character encoding starts with 0xc3 and then is interlaced with 0xc2 bytes. So the encoding is twice the length of the usual UTF-8 encoded string. (e.g. Hebrew letter "alef" (05 D0) is "D7 90" in UTF-8 encoding, but "C3 97 C2 90" in this encoding).

    Is it possible that there several flavors of UTF-8?
    Please help ! :)


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