character groupings in various languages

From: Ben Dougall (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 18:03:07 EDT

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    would it be the uca / collation
    <> that will allow me to do
    this? :

    having specified which language is being used, compare one character to
    another and find out which various groupings they may or may not share.
    such as comparing in english, an 'F' and 'W' would match on case (and
    consonants even). case catagories i'm sure don't exist in some other
    languages, but then i'm sure there are many other types of
    catagorisations in other languages that english doesn't have.

    i'd like to have access to any kind of character catagories / groupings
    that maybe applicable to whichever language is initially specified.

    is it the uca that's what i need to look into for that type of thing?

    also i notice icu <> has a lot of
    collation stuff. how does that compare to unicode's collation?, (if
    collation is even what i'm after, that is). how is icu different from
    unicode's collation?


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