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From: William Overington (
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 06:29:07 EDT

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    On the television news yesterday (England, BBC1, Midlands local news,
    lunchtime and early evening) there was headlined an item about a university
    degree about the Klingon language.

    What it was was that the student had, for his degree project, asked if he
    could produce a multimedia package on "Teach yourself Klingon" and the
    project supervisor had agreed. She explained that he was being assessed on
    the way that he applied multimedia techniques, not on the Klingon. There
    was only a very quick showing of a few pages of the computer package in this
    fairly general television news item.

    It was at Staffordshire University. Staffordshire is an English county
    somewhat north of Birmingham, yet south of Manchester.

    I wonder how he encoded the Klingon characters, whether he used graphic
    files or a font, and, if a font, whether he used the code points from the
    ConScript Unicode Registry or something else.

    It will be interesting if the package makes it onto the internet.

    William Overington

    16 May 2003

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