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From: John Hudson (tiro@tiro.com)
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 15:23:14 EDT

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    Is there, somewhere, a single list of the major organisations involved in
    encoding and internationalisation worldwide, with information about their
    constitution, mandate, and projects? Even for someone who has been
    following discussions here for some years, there is a bewildering
    collections of abbreviations and acronyms to keep track of, and I really
    don't have time to go and research each individual one to find out what it
    stands for, what the organisation or working group does, who is involved,
    what they have produced. Sometimes, I'm not even sure if the abbreviation
    refers to an organisation or to a specific document or standand. It would
    be very useful to be able to visit a single website and get a snapshot of
    e.g. IETF or WG2.

    John Hudson

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