Re: Decimal separator with more than one character?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sun May 18 2003 - 10:59:35 EDT

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    Roozbeh Pournader scripsit:

    > Well, the question is: who told you to call it Farsi?!

    Nobody, officially. But the term has come into use in U.S. English at least,
    for whatever reasons, since the Revolution. (Google statistics aren't
    directly helpful here, because of course "Persian" remains current in
    "Persian cat", "Persian Gulf", "Persian carpet", and a variety of other
    such compounds.)

    > ISO calls it Persian, Iranian Academy for Persian Language calls it
    > Persian, Unicode book calls it Persian, ...

    Persianists in this country seem to be quite firm for "Persian", but
    Iranian immigrants tend to say "Farsi". Whether this is political
    or not is not so clear.

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