Persian or Farsi? (was RE: Decimal separator with more than one c haracter?)

From: Rick Cameron (
Date: Tue May 20 2003 - 18:58:53 EDT

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    It's not just Microsoft - Apple also calls the language Farsi in their
    developer docs. See, for example,

    The 'Regional and Language Options' control panel in Windows XP also uses
    'Farsi'. (Don't have a Mac, so I can't check it.)

    Encyclopaedia Britannica online has an article titled 'Persian Language',
    which starts 'also called Farsi'. it appears to me that 'Farsi' is a well-established alternative to
    'Persian' among English-speakers.

    Why should we avoid calling the language 'Farsi'?


    - rick

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    At 11:49 -0700 2003-05-20, Rick Cameron wrote:
    >Although neither a linguistic authority nor a government (yet?),
    >Microsoft calls the language Farsi:

    They should not. They should call it Persian.

    >And apparently the ISO 639 2-letter code for the language is fa.

    That is true.

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