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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 09:41:55 EDT

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    From: "Marco Cimarosti" <>

    > This may be true for Apple, Microsoft, or other companies located in the
    > USA, but the members of the Unicode Consortium include companies,
    > institutions and individuals from many countries in the world, and not all
    > these countries necessarily have the same export/import regulations as the
    > USA.

    Ok, everyone pretend I did not say this first part and read the second part:


    Now I am not saying that these users in the diaspora would not (a) come up
    with the same answer on their own, or (b) choose to go along with the
    preferences of those in Iran (I honestly do not know if either A or B is the
    case). I just know that the issue is larger than just the source country,
    especially when the primary customers are not in the source country.

    Its a bit like when language policy is made in country for French, German,
    or Tamil -- it does not mean that everyone else definitely picks up the
    change, and can just as easily result in two or more sets of data....


    Now obviously France or Germany or TamilNadu can say what they like, and
    other stakeholders are free to respect or ignore anything they say.
    Companies that sell software all over the world have to take everyone into
    account (just like Unicode must).


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