RE: NFC Normalization of whitespace+nonspacing combining in XML

From: Francois Yergeau (
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 14:37:30 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy écrit :
    > According to Unicode, CR+ACCUTE is in NFC form, and so
    > complies with XML requirement(?) for handling in DOM (where
    > all should be performed using NFC). But according to XML (or
    > HTML) the parsed document must then be converted
    > (interpreted) as if it was SPACE+COMBINING ACCUTE ACCENT
    > which is not NFC.

    It is NFC.

    > If canonicalizing the document, it will become a single NON

    From the UCD:

    00B4;ACUTE ACCENT;Sk;0;ON;<compat> 0020 0301;;;;N;SPACING ACUTE;;;;

    This is only a <compat> decomposition, so SPACE+COMBINING ACCUTE ACCENT
    remains unchanged in NFC.

    A more interesting case is that of U+0338 COMBINING LONG SOLIDUS OVERLAY,
    which combines with > to give U+226F NOT GREATER-THAN. This can damage XML

    François Yergeau

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