Re: Persian or Farsi?

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 03:36:20 EDT

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    1. While both "Persian" and "Farsi" may be OK - I think "Persian" sounds so much nicer in English, and that, to most readers of
    English, it is far more evocative of Iran's rich cultural heritage.

    2. Don't "Persia", "Farsi" and "Parsi" all derive from the same root anyway?

    Collins English Dictionary:

    Persian adj 1.) of or relating to ancient Persia or modern Iran, their innhabitants, or their languages. -n 2) a native, citizen or
    inhabitant of modern Iran; an Iranian. 3) a member of an Indo-European people
    of West Iranian speech who established a great empire in SW
    Asia in the 6th century BC. 4) the language of Iran or Persia in
    any of its ancient or modern forms, beloging to the West Iranian
    branch of the Indo-European family. See also Avestan, Old Persian,

    Farsi n. the Indo-European language of modern Iran. See also Persian (sense 4)


    - I take this to mean that "Persian" can refer to both the ancient and modern language of Iran while "Farsi" should only be used
    for the modern language.

    - Chris

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