RE: Persian or Farsi?

Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 12:07:11 EDT

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    > Both Persian and Farsi appear in the list of MARC langauge codes (http://
    > Surprisingly, Eastern Farsi
    > Western Farsi are the only names listed in the Ethnologue Language Name
    > ( There's no entry for

    That group of pages list only Ethnologue's citation name and not alternate
    names: the list of alternate names is something like 40,000 long. If you go
    to the entry point for the online Ethnologue and click on "Search the Ethnologue" and
    then search on Persian, you will get a list of all the entries that make
    include "Persian", though this will include entries for distinct and even
    unrelated languages (e.g. a reference to "Persian-Arabic script").

    - Peter

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