Re: javascript and unicode

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 16:41:41 EDT

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    Paul Hastings wrote:
    > would it be correct to say that javascript "natively" supports unicode?

    ECMAScript, of which JavaScript and JScript are implementations, is defined on 16-bit Unicode
    scripts and using 16-bit Unicode strings.

    In other words, the basic encoding support is there, but there are basically no Unicode-specific
    APIs in the standard. No character properties, no collation that is guaranteed to do more than
    strcmp, etc. Script writers have to rely on implementation-specific functions or supply their own.

    I am working on getting some of the definitions, syntax and semantics upgraded to include
    supplementary code points (where not already covered by surrogate pairs in 16-bit text), but I got
    involved a little late for the upcoming edition 4.


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