Re: Announcement: New Unicode Savvy Logo

Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 09:17:04 EDT

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    What logo should be used in a software which support Unicode Codes?

    Quoting "Magda Danish (Unicode)" <>:

    > Dear Unicoders,
    > Very often the Unicode Consortium has received requests from webmasters
    > who wished to indicate with a logo or banner that their site supports or
    > uses Unicode. For such purposes we have developed two logos that can be
    > freely displayed on web sites. You can use a Unicode Savvy logo to
    > indicate that a page (or collection of pages) is encoded in Unicode.
    > To learn more and to obtain an image of these logos, please refer to
    > Thank you and best regards,
    > Magda Danish
    > Administrative Director
    > The Unicode Consortium
    > 650-693-3921
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