Re: Not snazzy (was: New Unicode Savvy Logo)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 08:46:11 EDT

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    From: "Carl W. Brown" <>
    > It looks to me like UNCODE. Has the UN has taken a rode in globalization? Maybe the web page has no scripting but is still savvy.

    Wrong! You strip the very visible dot from the i letter, you also refse to see that there's a ligature between the U and N. If you look at this unique ligature, accept also the ligature between the N and i. So the trigram "UNi" must be considered as a whole, and a distinctive mark or symbol, unique to Unicode. This unique design belongs to the category of logos, and is used since decenials.

    This is a visible and important and distinctive signature of Unicode, and we should really use it (with a (tm) character as required by the logos usage policy) with its colors. This logo has nothing in common with United Nations (whose distinctive colors are white and light blue, and is almost associated with other logos representing the Earth, palms for recognition/agreement, and columbus for peace).

    This logo is also very distinct from other trademarks for products or registered trademarks for companies (like United Airlines, United Devices, Universal Studios...). You are making arguments against the fact that it could be read as "UN", but two letters are not enough to be distinctive. Unicode cannot be dsignated by these two letters, but it can be identified by the graphic logo, which is registered and protected by its form independantly of its colors which cannot always be reproduced.

    However, each time it's possible, the layout should be colored with the correct color which is red in 16-colors system, or purple/dark red on 256-color systems, and purple if HighColor or TrueColor is available. For printed publications, I do think that a Pantone(tm) or CIE color was chosen by Unicode when registering the logo as a reference color that must be used with the lowest variation possible (depending on technical constraints). The web constraints generally recommend using the web palette for general usage in web pages...

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