Rare extinct latin letters

From: Patrick Andries (Patrick.Andries@xcential.com)
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 19:15:10 EDT

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    This subject seems to come periodically on French typographical lists, so I would like to see what might be the answer of Unicode(unicore) to it.

    What should be done with rare extinct latin letters which usually can't easily be mapped to a single modern letter (i.e. they are not simply glyph variants) ?

    Could letters like l molle (http://pages.infinit.net/hapax/abcmeigret.jpg) or long-tailed A (between O and P in Baf's alphabet http://pages.infinit.net/hapax/abcbaif.jpg), letters which I believe cannot be composed from other existing Unicode characters, be considered for Unicode encoding or, since they are no longer used and were rare when introduced, should they be seen as typical candidates for the private use area? Or is the answer again going to be : use a higher level protocol to map to a modern form (of the letter or the modern spelling of the word?) even if you want to preserve and search the original format.

    Incidentally, Baf proposed a letter for OU encoded in Unicode (U+0222 and U+0223).

    P. Andries

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